The Battle of the Sexes

The Battle of the Sexes

One day humanity will utilise technology to morph itself into transient and sexless beings that roam the cosmos awaiting the demise of the universe. Mankind and womankind will be extinct. We will all wear short skirts and piss standing up. But until this spooky epoch, there will be issues of inequality, resistance from both sides, idealists trying to close the big gender divide, all to the tune of the usual sing-song of cries of discrimination and reverse discrimination. As glass ceilings for career women are removed, times change yet reality doesn’t: men face glass ceilings as well. There really is no end to it: men and women are different. There are workable possibilities for placing a man in a woman’s job and a woman in a man’s job, but it must be noted that it’s always a competition for the good jobs anyway, and genders instinctively close ranks if they feel their point of peculiarity and superiority is at threat. These initial hostile feelings can be transformed into acceptance, and then it’s the norm to have a man in a woman’s job, a woman in a man’s job, and there’s no problem at all really. All it takes is time, mutual understanding, and the threat of a fat lawsuit.



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