A job is not for life and now more competitive than ever.

Read the The Art of Office War and learn how to be effective, successful and not only avoid office politics, but master it.

What a strange recession; doom, gloom, cycles, boom2bust etc, and soon a recovery. Yet you you still have to work - and work hardly gets easier. Now for one real investment of your time you can stay ahead of the rest and know that your investment is in the safest place you'll ever know - as knowledge in your head.

 The Art of Office War provides real solutions and answers without toning down its message for sensitive ears, and will tell you why things happens and what you can do about it.

If you face ‘issues’ at work, are unsure how to treat ‘tricky’ colleagues, or can see ‘obstacles’ surfacing in the distance, The Art of Office War has been there before you.

For one third of the workforce in the developed world, the office is where they make or break it. Understand how people in an office operate and work with this knowledge.

Remember: Knowledge is Power.

Simon Drake, Author of The Art of Office War.

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Sztuka wojny biurowej - Simon Drake

The Art of Office War translated into Polish by One Press, available as Sztuka Wojny Biurowej



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 "Like a good martial arts manual, The Art of Office War also explains how to use Dark Side teachings for your own advantage. The Art of Office War is your codex of strategy..."

“Insightful and funny…”

“… Drake’s evidence of having worked within both the corporate and public arenas is clear. His metaphor of the office as a battlefield is pinpoint accurate…”

“…The more you read, and the longer you work in offices, the funnier it gets!”

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The Australian Times, New Zealand Times, South African Times,
TNT Magazine -
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